Evaluate the feasibility of your AI projects

Discover if AI is suitable for your business.

Typical Results

  • Better understand the chances of success for an AI project
  • Design a technical roadmap for the project
  • Understand what talent is needed to execute the project
  • Localise technical challenges
  • Find out which technical tools (libraries) are suitable for implementation
  • Understand more by evaluating first experiments
  • Improve your company’s exposure to new technologies

“Perelik Soft helped us significantly not only with making first steps in the machine learning area as a company, but also with making use of ML models in production.”

Maxime Regh, Director Fraud Prevention, cleverbridge AG

The process

We conduct interviews with your team to understand your goals

Together we localise the data for initial experiments

We conduct the research and initial experiments

Presentation of the results and recommendations for next steps


  • PDF Report on the whole project including:
  • the results of our experimentation
  • technical setup and architecture
  • feasibility evaluation
  • technical roadmap for a future project
  • recommendations about next steps
  • Optional: the code we used for the experiments
  • Time frame: 45 days

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