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software engineering benchmark package

Typical Results

  • Develop software faster, with less bugs in production
  • Better planning and time estimation for your projects
  • Achieve more in less time and with less stress
  • Increase the resilience of your team
  • The most impacting bottlenecks identified
  • Find concrete steps for improvement of the R&D process
  • Roadmap for the “Development of the Development Team”
  • Find blind spots and localise areas with hidden potential
  • Increase your speed of innovation

“The independent evaluation of our engineering process was very useful to us. The program helped us not only to localise areas for improvements but also to create a roadmap on how to achieve those.”

André Weinert, Head of IT, pakadoo GmbH, Germany

The proccess

Evaluation of your development process against our set of measurable metrics

Evaluating not easily measurable metrics

Interviews with your engineering team

High level review of Software Architecture and Technical Debt

Based on the data, we create our independent summary and recommendations as a PDF report

Final presentation with your team and training (e.g. Code Review training)

What is included in the Program?

  • Interviews with your engineering team
  • Review of your whole software engineering process
  • Review of your meetings schedules and meeting culture
  • Evaluation of your code review practices
  • Evaluation of your development environment
  • Evaluation of your software tests
  • Review of the software delivery process (CI/CD)
  • Evaluation of your engineering velocity
  • High level review of software architecture and technical debt


  • PDF report on all topics
  • Concrete recommendations for improving the software engineering process
  • Code review training for your team
  • Timeframe: up to 1 month per engineering team
  • 30 days money-back guarantee!

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Why does my team need this?

By working with many software development teams on a variety of domains (from train scheduling algorithms to fraud detection) we have observed that some of the biggest problems software teams are facing lie not in the technology but rather in the engineering process they are using. This program is specially designed to help teams improve their engineering process.

Do we need to stop working in order to do this program?

No. The team can proceed working on its objectives, while we perform the evaluation. We need a point of contact from the team to communicate with and also 30 minutes from each team member for a short interview.

How do you perform your evaluation?

We have a predefined set of measurable and dificully measurable metrics which we use to evaluate the engineering process. Further we perform interviews with your developers and shadow some of your meetings to get a precise picture of your process. If you want, we can also perform a high level review of your software architecture and code.

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