Bring your software development to the next level

We help software-producing companies to establish a great internal IT department.

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Why work with us?

Perelik Soft is helping software-producing companies from all sizes to raise the bar for their internal software production.

We collaborate with companies who aim at disrupting and becoming (or staying) leaders in their fields. In many industries a strong IT has become a must in order to stay ahead of the curve. We help our clients to establish a strong internal IT and keep it this way over time.

We do this by offering specialised consultancy packages, focused on concrete problems. Our main expertise include:

-Software Engineering Best Practices Consultancy
-Big Data and AI Consultancy
-Cloud Consultancy
-Technical Coaching and Trainings

Bring your software development to the next level!

Our Products and Services

  • Overall Engineering Culture

  • Speed of Innovation

  • QA Process

  • Team Structure

  • Communication Process

  • Development Environment

  • Software Maintainability

  • Software Quality

  • Team Happiness

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“Perelik Soft helped us significantly not only with making first steps in the machine learning area as a company, but also with making use of ML models in production.”
Maxime Regh, Director Fraud Prevention, cleverbridge AG

“The independent evaluation of our engineering process was very useful to us. The program helped us to localise areas for improvements and also to create a roadmap on how to achieve those.”

André Weinert, Head of IT, pakadoo GmbH, Germany